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Finca Pacamaral Cafe GuatemalaFinca Pacamaral is located east of the small town of Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, in the Santa Rosa department, 35 miles (56 km) to the south east of Guatemala City. From Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, the farm is reached by a steep 2.6 miles (4.2 km) dirt road which climbs from 3,600 ft (1,200 m) to 6,000 ft (1,830 m). Most of the year, especially during the rainy season, getting there is a very fun 4x4 adventure ride where we have to cross a river five times... without any bridges!

Coffee is grown under several native tree species, such as:

  • Cedrela Odorata (Spanish Cedar)
  • Pinus Ssp (Pine)
  • Cupressus (Cypress)
  • Quercus Ssp (Oak)
  • Inga Jinicuil (Ice Cream Bean)

There are many paths around the farm, which enable us to walk or ride in an all terrain vehicle all over the plantation. Most of the coffee planted is of the Pacamara variety, with a smaller portion of Catuai trees.

Work never ends at our lovely farm. Idle sections are currently being cleaned and shade trees are being rearranged, as we plan to plant 40,000 new coffee trees for the next five years. Coffee plants are being chopped and older coffee trees are being replaced. 

There's also work being done in housing for the permanent and seasonal workers.

Since water is a very valuable element, several small dams are being built in the creeks to preserve it, and areas with natural springs will be kept untouched as well as the native trees that provide coverage.


Our Strictly Hard Bean coffee is grown in the eastern volcanic highlands of Guatemala. It has been rated among the best the country has to offer.

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Located 4,800 ft above sea level and surrounded by volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls and rainforests, getting to our farm is always an enjoyable adventure!

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We're passionate about our coffee. Want to know why? Take a closer look at our lovely farm, top grade coffee beans, beautiful landscapes, warm people...

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